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Extra Credit #1


I had a great time visiting the Museum of New York. I had never been there before so it was very interesting seeing the galleries and exploring the facility. The Pride exhibit was really interesting I didn’t now it was celebrating the 50 anniversary of Stonewall which occurred on June 28, 1969.

One of the photos that caught my eye is the right hand picture. It was of a woman mom marching with her son in support of his sexual orientation. I was really moved by that because I feel not many parents would be that supportive to be marching during this time in support of the LGBTQ community. Fred W. McDarrah did a great job capturing the positive vibes in the picture and the other parents who were there capturing the sign that read “Parents of gays unite in support of our children”

I also enjoyed looking at all the notes that were on the wall and reading them and seeing the other photographs that Fred W.McDarrah took. To see how much pride and love the gay community had which was captured in the pictures in this exhibit was great to see and learn about. I did really enjoy going and checking out Fred W. McDarrah’s photographs.


In today’s class we took photos to create PSA Ads. My ad was geared towards internet addiction and how it runs peoples lives. I choice to have the models on there phones because I believe now a days people are on there phones more then computers and can be dangerous if they are not aware of there surroundings because they are to focused on there phones. I have a logo at the bottom left of a NYC therapy practice that helps with this issue.


This class I learned how to set light for dramatic type of shoot. I practiced position of lighting source to create different light effects. Practiced changing background for shooting in studio. Practiced choosing type for PSA poster, and placing text, logos to enhance the message and improve design.




In today’s class, we had to create a Public Service Announcement so I decided to do something related to micro-plastic as I’m doing research on micro-plastic for my other class. I simply used a debit card and chopstick on a white background. Later I took the image on Lightroom to adjust lights than on photoshop to add logo’s, sushi palate and copy. This ad was inspired by a WWF campaign.

Learning Log #12 PSA

Today, in class we did a PSA shoot. The first struggle about my PSA was keeping a straight face. Another struggle I faced was while editing the picture and entering the text in photoshop. Also, adding the tattoos and warping it was a real struggle but I finally got it. Domestic Violence



This weeks assignment was fun! I focused on self love so having my model being happy and laughing was key. The butterfly lighting also helped make the photo. If it was split or loupe it would have a different mood. This is aimed at people who struggle with mental illness and is showing them options and offering help.

Learning Log #12 – psa


First Psa assignment, this time I worked with three models focusing more on the one in the center. In order to achieve it, we placed our main light in the center pointing to the model and this created like a shadow on the people placed in the side. By this, we have all the focus in the center of the frame.

Extra Credit


The exhibit was great. I’ve never been to the Museum of the city of NY before so I was excited to go. I enjoyed the fact that the museum is openly a safe space for the LGBT+ community. In another exhibition, they embraced the strong trans activism NYC is known for by having objects, photos, and signs represented.

Fred W. McDarrah’s collection of pride photos was great. He definitely documented what pride was like when it was getting started. All of his work was b&w which I think is interesting since pride is so colorful, I’m not sure if it was a personal choice or it was all he had.

I personally didn’t love all his photos but it was great seeing how much things have changed and how they’re still similar. He did capture the emotions of pride and the people there in non traditional ways. His portraits look candid and unstaged and he took a lot of photos of peoples backs or actions.


This weeks assignment was fun to do. I enjoyed having to recreate and think about how the photographers use light and color in specific magazine. i-D is usually very colorful but I wanted to change my photo to b&w to mimic some of their covers. I used loupe lighting in my other photos and for this one I used butterfly lighting because I wanted a sort of natural look.

This class we learned how to make a cover for the Magazine,

How to set a light and equipment to recreate a style of a particular photographer.

I learned that my favorite photographer uses butterfly lighting to make his photo, i learned how to set up a butterfly light in the studio