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Extra Credit #1


I had a great time visiting the Museum of New York. I had never been there before so it was very interesting seeing the galleries and exploring the facility. The Pride exhibit was really interesting I didn’t now it was celebrating the 50 anniversary of Stonewall which occurred on June 28, 1969.

One of the photos that caught my eye is the right hand picture. It was of a woman mom marching with her son in support of his sexual orientation. I was really moved by that because I feel not many parents would be that supportive to be marching during this time in support of the LGBTQ community. Fred W. McDarrah did a great job capturing the positive vibes in the picture and the other parents who were there capturing the sign that read “Parents of gays unite in support of our children”

I also enjoyed looking at all the notes that were on the wall and reading them and seeing the other photographs that Fred W.McDarrah took. To see how much pride and love the gay community had which was captured in the pictures in this exhibit was great to see and learn about. I did really enjoy going and checking out Fred W. McDarrah’s photographs.


In today’s class we took photos to create PSA Ads. My ad was geared towards internet addiction and how it runs peoples lives. I choice to have the models on there phones because I believe now a days people are on there phones more then computers and can be dangerous if they are not aware of there surroundings because they are to focused on there phones. I have a logo at the bottom left of a NYC therapy practice that helps with this issue.

Homework #9

For the Homework assignment I chose my dog Latka do recreate this The Time Magazine front cover, It was kind of hard to try and get the right angle for this since my dog was moving around a lot but I like how the end result looks, Boston Terriers are my favorite kind of dogs.

Learning Log – 8 – Portrait Lighting 2

  • 3 point lighting with background lighting

  • Butterfly Light

  • 3 point with hair light

  • edge lighting

In this class I had a lot of fun taking pictures with different types of lighting effects. I never knew all the different styles of photos that could be taken just by altering the lighting. I learned a lot and will definitely use this knowledge in the future when I need to take photos of people.


LL#6 – High Key/ Low Key Lighting for Still Life

I learned how light can impact the way photo can be taken while shooting in studio. I like trying the different lighting setups each table had. I learned the difference between low and high key photography. I used the camera stand and freehand to take the pictures. I like that when I used the camera stand I could use a longer or shorter shutter speed to take the photos.