Monthly Archives: November 2019

LL10 Product shots


Today’s class was amazing since we were asked to bring an item that we are interested in shooting. I brought perfume and some flowers to use as props. I used a white background for my perfume. As for my angle, I shoot at different angles just to see which one looks the best. These three are the final one. After the shoot, I used lightroom & Photoshop to fix my lighting and do a little touch-up.



Doing product shots was fun to do. Using highkey lighting is definitely easy to do and makes me realize that a lot of product shots are done in that lighting.  I kept my aperture the same at f32 and 1/200 shutter speed on a tripod. For the lowkey lighting I kept my aperture at f5 and set it the tripod and angled it to my card and even switched to catch the light.

Light painting

This class we were learning the light painting portraits. With the help of  different lights we are getting different results. I learned a lot on this class not only in terms of using light to be creative but also essential skills in photography, such as control of manual flesh to get double exposure. I learned about how to correctly expose the photo using manual flesh + creative light.   This class helps me to understand the process of exposing with slow shutter speed.




Light Painting

Today in class we dedicated the shoot time to do light painting during long exposure shots. When it came to using the strobe , it was sometimes difficult to calculate where to expose the person at. Second, writing things was pretty complicated as well due to the fact that you have to write everything backwards. Overall a pretty fun experience although there was minor complication