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LL5- Movement


During todays class we worked on movement. I found it a bit difficult but fun. I feel that I lacked composition wise but accomplished some movement in my photos. The final image was the was fun to work on. We used a 10 sec shutter and only appeared for 5 of those seconds.

LL#5: Action/Motion Portraits

Semi Motion Frozen Motion Frozen Motion

The walking motion was a cool experience because the background is blurred and focus on the person walking so it gives it like a frozen in time effect. Second two pictures were interesting because the shutter speed determines if the object that is moving gets blurred or if it gets frozen. The higher the shutter speed the more focus the object will be and could be frozen during the motion. And that also means that the ISO gets higher as well.

Learning Log #4 Flash/Ambient


Flash photography was new to me and like the process of using it, figuring how much or less flashlight you and seeing the effect that creates on the subject. Mainly I used the flash to create a little dramatic effect on my model playing with the shadow and light. I’m very into flash photography hope to learn more.



Using the flash was new to me on this assignment but was interesting to learn about and use. At first it was difficult to maneuver both shutter speed after a few tries and  ISO, but I got used to it. I first tried to adjust the ISO then take a test picture and then adjusting the s peed. I mostly tried to use both light and contrast and create visible shadow and depth with the flash and ambient lighting.


Night portrait with flash

That was a great opportunity learning about atmospheric night portrait . I learned how to use flash, based on the result I want to achieve. It was very hard to change aperture, iso, and shutter speed and adjust the flash light, then I decided not to change any of those except aperture. I am not satisfied with colors and need to lean more about that.

LL#4 – Flash/Ambient

The images above were taken using an off-camera flash as well as ambient lighting from the scene. The most challenging part was trying to get both the subject AND the background using the flash. Once we got the hang of making sure the camera’s settings were correct BEFORE we adjusted settings on the flash, I think we were able to get some cool pictures.

LL#3 – Long Exposure

**Pictures coming Wednesday**

For this class shoot, we started working with long exposures. The duration of the shutter is longer than usual which caught the light from the cars passing by. It was really fun trying out different places to catch the light movements and see how they turn out. I learned the key to the long exposures is patience and it’s definitely worth trying out a shot multiple times to make any slight adjustments. Another interesting part was learning how to overlap the same image in Photoshop to create layers of different light movements. I posted one of the results of the Photoshop image above.

Outdoor portraits with flash

In this class we were learning how to use flashes in low light situation. It was a very tequinically complicated thing for learn. I learned how to set  camera settings so I can shoot with flash light, I learned how to modify light with flash with the help of  diffuser and umbrella. I would like to get more practice of it, as my photos were blurred, and I wanna get the most out of flash as a portable source of light.