Extra Credit


The exhibit was great. I’ve never been to the Museum of the city of NY before so I was excited to go. I enjoyed the fact that the museum is openly a safe space for the LGBT+ community. In another exhibition, they embraced the strong trans activism NYC is known for by having objects, photos, and signs represented.

Fred W. McDarrah’s collection of pride photos was great. He definitely documented what pride was like when it was getting started. All of his work was b&w which I think is interesting since pride is so colorful, I’m not sure if it was a personal choice or it was all he had.

I personally didn’t love all his photos but it was great seeing how much things have changed and how they’re still similar. He did capture the emotions of pride and the people there in non traditional ways. His portraits look candid and unstaged and he took a lot of photos of peoples backs or actions.


This weeks assignment was fun to do. I enjoyed having to recreate and think about how the photographers use light and color in specific magazine. i-D is usually very colorful but I wanted to change my photo to b&w to mimic some of their covers. I used loupe lighting in my other photos and for this one I used butterfly lighting because I wanted a sort of natural look.

recreate Frida Kahlo Portrait

Museum Visit

Photographs of Stonewall and Beyond by Fred W. McDarrah, featuring Fred W. Mc Darrah’s images of the initial Stonewall uprising, Portrait of figures in the LGBT rights movement and pride marches and protests.

I really enjoyed visiting that exhibition. The most interesting part was audience engagement in the exhibition. As you can see in the photo There was a station that people could write their stories and stories were part of the exhibition.

Those photos were very attractive that were telling a story visually. I wish I could see The Voice of the Village as well.

This class we learned how to make a cover for the Magazine,

How to set a light and equipment to recreate a style of a particular photographer.

I learned that my favorite photographer uses butterfly lighting to make his photo, i learned how to set up a butterfly light in the studio


Homework #9

For the Homework assignment I chose my dog Latka do recreate this The Time Magazine front cover, It was kind of hard to try and get the right angle for this since my dog was moving around a lot but I like how the end result looks, Boston Terriers are my favorite kind of dogs.