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LL#4 – Flash/Ambient

The images above were taken using an off-camera flash as well as ambient lighting from the scene. The most challenging part was trying to get both the subject AND the background using the flash. Once we got the hang of making sure the camera’s settings were correct BEFORE we adjusted settings on the flash, I think we were able to get some cool pictures.

LL#3 – Long Exposure

**Pictures coming Wednesday**

For this class shoot, we started working with long exposures. The duration of the shutter is longer than usual which caught the light from the cars passing by. It was really fun trying out different places to catch the light movements and see how they turn out. I learned the key to the long exposures is patience and it’s definitely worth trying out a shot multiple times to make any slight adjustments. Another interesting part was learning how to overlap the same image in Photoshop to create layers of different light movements. I posted one of the results of the Photoshop image above.

Outdoor portraits with flash

In this class we were learning how to use flashes in low light situation. It was a very tequinically complicated thing for learn. I learned how to set  camera settings so I can shoot with flash light, I learned how to modify light with flash with the help of  diffuser and umbrella. I would like to get more practice of it, as my photos were blurred, and I wanna get the most out of flash as a portable source of light.




Flash/ Ambient Light

For these pictures the goal was to experiment with both Ambient lighting and Flash light. It was interesting to see how adding a flash amplified or complimented the ambient light of the surrounding area. Learning how to use the diffuser and umbrella was a very interesting experience. Seeing how both the umbrella and the diffuser affected how the light was cast was fun to experiment with. I chose the first two images because I really liked how the shadows looked between the two. The last one I chose because I liked that area of light that appears in the photo.

Outdoor Flash

Outdoor Flash .  Outdoor Flash Outdoor Flash     Outdoor Flash

These 4 are my favorite because the flash and the shadows are working together. The cast of the shadow makes the pictures more intense because the way the shadow just casts the person. For these photos, the background even made it better because with the shadows and the urban feel, concrete wall it made even more intense.

LL4 Flash/Ambient


In today’s class, we learned how to use Ambient/Flash photography. This was a little tough as we had to figure out how to use ambient and Adject  ISO, Aperture and shutter speed. I think we spent 15-20 minutes just to figure out where to place the light. How to frame it etc. After a while of practicing, we finally got to learn and results were amazing. These are some of my best shots.

LL4 Flash/Ambient


This week we worked with both ambient light and a flash light. I really enjoyed working with the flash. The flash creates a more dramatic photo. We tried to focus the ambient light on the background and used the flash for a more dramatic look on our subjects. I feel that working with the flash actually made it easier to create a more interesting image.

LL3 – Long Exposure


Long exposure: For the first photo I capture it using low angle and i believe it was 20 second of exposure. The second photo because i did not have a tripod I tried to follow my object while using an slow shutter speed to try to have my object in focus and make the background with a motion blur making you feel the speed of the object. And the third photo i just was trying to paint with light and make some design.