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LL#6 – High Key/ Low Key Lighting for Still Life

This past week in class we learned about high and low key lighting techniques in photography. Using the black background and black cover for the table I really wanted to try to get the highlighting effect from the video. Especially since we were using a vase in our still. I think I was able to create a similar effect and mood. The photo with low key lighting has little to no editing done to it.

For the high key lighting, I wanted a simple and clean composition with the apple and camera in the still. The high key lighting shots were my favorite since they came out so clean and bright. I especially like the clean reflection on the table. I also used some of the brush techniques we were shown in Lightroom. I was able to bump the clarity of the reflections as well as retouch a weird spot that showed up in the picture.  I just wish there were no shadows!!

Highkey vs Lowkey

Today in class we learned the difference between Highkey light and lowkey light. One of the major differences about these two types of photography strategies are the difference between light and shadow. A dark image will leave you with a simple out and a highkey picture will leave you with a bright image with shadows that arent too bright.


Objects with studio light

I learned how to use the benefits of light while shooting in studio low key photography. I learned the difference between low and high  key photography. I learned how to shape the light to get the best to shoot with just one continue light. I learned how the distance, position, intensity of light affect the photo. I practiced shooting objects with continues light, shooting with color gel, practiced shooting with tripod and without.




High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

During this class session, we were playing with high and low key lighting. High key lighting as you can see in the two pictures has zero shadows and it is more intense. While, low key lighting is all about the shadows and the light is not so intense. Personally, I like low key lighting because it creates more intensity, like it is more dramatic. Color gels with low key light creates an even more intense shot, gives it a cool effect, especially because my still life composition contains a skull.

High Key Light High Key Light Low Key Light Low Key Light with Color Gel

Motion Photography


For this class the focus was to experiment with motion photography. In order to achieve these we had to mess around with different shutter speeds. To get the photos that seem frozen in time a high shutter speed was used and to get the more blurry photo a lower shutter speed was used. It was really fun to see the different effects that shutter speed had on the images. I prefer using the higher shutter speed to catch frozen motion more than using a lower shutter speed because I think the frozen motion looks cooler.

LL5- Movement


During todays class we worked on movement. I found it a bit difficult but fun. I feel that I lacked composition wise but accomplished some movement in my photos. The final image was the was fun to work on. We used a 10 sec shutter and only appeared for 5 of those seconds.