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Final – Snow White

For my final fairy tale theme, I decided to tell the snow-white story through pictures. I am not sure how I will shoot the story as I don’t have a fancy dress or set up for it. So I am looking at some works to get inspiration. I am also having a hard time to pick a place to shoot as I wanted a green/forest kinda theme and all the trees are dead. I think I will shoot a portion of the story at home, then I will go to a park to finish the rest of the story. After the photoshoot is done, I will use Lightroom to fix the lighting and correct colors. Then I will use photoshop to add some props such as 7 drafts, the prince, the bad queen, etc. Overall It will be a challenging assignment for me to portray the entire story.


In today’s class, we had to create a Public Service Announcement so I decided to do something related to micro-plastic as I’m doing research on micro-plastic for my other class. I simply used a debit card and chopstick on a white background. Later I took the image on Lightroom to adjust lights than on photoshop to add logo’s, sushi palate and copy. This ad was inspired by a WWF campaign.

LL#6 Motion Photography


In today’s class, we were asked to take motion photography. As part of the experiment, we played with shutter speeds and aperture to take frozen photos. Which is why objects that are in the pictures are blurry or have a moving effect to it. To take these pictures I mostly used ISO 400, AF 6.3, 1/30. Doing motion photography was fun.



LL11 #Magazine


Today’s class we were asked to take portraits photography for magazine cover. Prior to the class, we were asked to take a look at what kinda magazine cover we would like to shoot & bring in logos (whatever is necessary). I knew I wanted to do a cover for PAPER magazine as they have minimal look to their magazine or an editorial kinda magazine cover. Since this shoot was done during the class time I went with the paper magazine cover. To shoot my magazine cover I used Black backdrop. As for my setting, I used ISO 400, EXPOSURE 1/125. I also used reflector which is why there’s a nice soft light. After taking pictures I used lightroom to fix lights. Then used photoshop to touchup skin a little. 

LL10 Product shots


Today’s class was amazing since we were asked to bring an item that we are interested in shooting. I brought perfume and some flowers to use as props. I used a white background for my perfume. As for my angle, I shoot at different angles just to see which one looks the best. These three are the final one. After the shoot, I used lightroom & Photoshop to fix my lighting and do a little touch-up.

Homework#3 Photoville

I got to learn about photoville last year while doing an internship with the NYC Department of Records. I wanted to visit but I couldn’t manage the time. This year I was able to visit because of this class. I am glad that I did. It was so interesting to walk around to see photographers from around the world. I took a bunch of photos and there are some of my favorites.

LL6 High Key Low Key


Last class, we learned what is high key and low key is. Later we learned how to take high key and low key photography using burn lights on a white and black background using still life props. This was my first time shooting high and low key. We had trouble with low key photography trying to figure out where to place the lights. But I enjoyed learning both high and low key. Here are some of my best shots.

LL4 Flash/Ambient


In today’s class, we learned how to use Ambient/Flash photography. This was a little tough as we had to figure out how to use ambient and Adject  ISO, Aperture and shutter speed. I think we spent 15-20 minutes just to figure out where to place the light. How to frame it etc. After a while of practicing, we finally got to learn and results were amazing. These are some of my best shots.