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Photographer Post

This is a photograph taken by famous French photographer JR. Something that has always got my attention about this image is about how simple yet powerful this specific photograph is. In most instances, a photograph is just plain and simple , not this one. Although it is as basic as it can get, two little children, one giving the other a kiss in the cheek. There is a huge message behind it which is that love is universal, no matter the color of your skin, religion, or social group you belong to. We should all share the same love for each other. (This image was taken a the Brooklyn Museum at the “JR Chronicles” exhibit.

Product Photography


For this class, we had to photography a product that we brought to class. At first I was using a starbucks cold brew glass bottle but the color of the bottle and the background didn’t seem right to I had to switch it up. I decided to use my iPad and it was a success. The most difficult part of this assignment was figuring out how I was going to add the actual screen to the iPad using photoshop. I ended up figuring how to photoshop the screen and then went ahead and made a little ad for Apple.

Indoor Light


For this assignment, we had to go around the school building and find interesting sources of light and take a picture of someone or something under the light. This was a pretty difficult task due to the fact that the Voorhees building barley has any good lights to take some pictures. The first picture was actually taken in class under the light of a projector. The other two were taken in a bathroom and the other one in a classroom.

Long Exposure Photography

For the long exposure photography class. Professor Labrozzi had us go outside since it was dark already. We had to create several images that represented long exposure which means that the shutter is left open for several seconds longer and the camera takes in more light creating light trails and bright lights. These are 3 photos that I took the night of and one of them is a motion . photograph with a touch of long exposure.

#12 PSA

For today’s class we had to create a Public Service Announcement and for this me and Nicole decided to do a Domestic Violence PSA and I did this pretty scary shot for this PSA in which i was keeping Nicole Silent. Overall, this was a pretty fun project to work on but also complicated to come up with a good shot for this PSA.


Magazine Cover Shoot

For this class, we had to photograph and layout a magazine cover with on of the pictures from the shoot. Being that I was being used as a model, I barely have any pictures other than mine. What was pretty interesting about this class was that many magazines use similar layouts but they all have to be laid out in a specific way in order to make the image stand out and also allow the type to work.

Light Painting

Today in class we dedicated the shoot time to do light painting during long exposure shots. When it came to using the strobe , it was sometimes difficult to calculate where to expose the person at. Second, writing things was pretty complicated as well due to the fact that you have to write everything backwards. Overall a pretty fun experience although there was minor complication

Portrait Lighting 2

  • 3 Point with Background Light

  • Butterfly Light

  • 3 Point with Hair Light

  • Edge Lighting

In today’s class which I was kinda late to, we learned how to take portraits with different lighting setups. Some created deep shadows and other created really interesting points of light. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience to play around with different setups and would definitely do it over again.