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Homework #3 – Visit Photoville

I own none of these photos I just took the for a class homework project. These photos belong to their own owners from Photoville. 


This is from a container exhibition called Perspectives. I like this photo because there is a break in the pattern by this pale boy.



These are from a container exhibition called Jalila: Surviving war and famine in Yemen, by Nariman El-Mofty. It’s about survivors of Yemen and about their struggles in a war that has “raged since 2015.”

LL1 # shadow and lights

In class we did a shooting workshop in dumbo. Since our class is around evening it was hard to take pictures of lights and shadow. Also it was kind of challenging for me as I’m not used to of shooting in low light or at night. But with the help of Professor and what I learned in class I was able to capture some images. These are the images where I tried to show lights and shadow.


by Joe McNally

My favorite photographer from that list is “Joe McNally”.

I like this photo by Joe McNally from his “industrial” series. This photo is very pleasant to eyes. He uses these rules of composition to make this photo: Leading lines , rule of thirds, storytelling (by adjusting light and shadow cleverly).

Homework #1

The photo I picked was #13, Davina and Daniel’s photography. I like this photo because I am a big fan of candid photography. Capturing people when they don’t realize it gives off a more natural feeling to a photo which I like. The expressions on everyone’s faces are fascinating to take in. The three bridesmaids are showing 3 separate emotions but you can still tell all three are happy for the bride. I also find the arrangement of the photo particular interesting to look at.  The angle at which everyone is framed leads the eye to the subject of the photo which is the bride. The bride is also in focus compared to the bridesmaids who are out of focus so she stands out more.

Homework # 1 – Photographer Blog Post;

I have no rights to this photo; this photo belongs to rightful owners Blair Bunting and/or ESPN

“Anthony Robles photographed for ESPN by Blair Bunting”

I liked this photo because it says so much even though it is so simple. An athlete with one leg.This says that even though he has only one doesn’t make him helpless This photo was taken by Blair Bunting. This photo has perfect symmetry. It has good lighting, it’s clear and has nothing in the background that takes away attention from the subject.

HW 1 Photographer Blog Post

Photo Credit: Joey LawrencePhoto: Joey Lawrence 

The photographer that stood out the most to me is Joey Lawrence. Going through his website and his work it amazes me at how beautiful all his shots are. He does mostly portrait shots but, there’s something about those shots that capture your attention. What stands out the most to me is the composition, the light, and how saturated the colors are in his pictures. In his pictures you could feel the emotion behind the picture, in his portraits the eyes reflect the person’s emotions. For example, in the picture above the composition of the photo is amazing you have a little bit of background and then you have part of the window where the sun is shining through and you could actually some of the rays peeking through. At the same time, it’s not too far out where you see too much background. The look that is captured on the girl’s faces show sadness and scared. If you look through his Oxfam: The Mosul Corridor project you see what these children need to face and that expression are captured in these girls faces.