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Light painting

This class we were learning the light painting portraits. With the help of  different lights we are getting different results. I learned a lot on this class not only in terms of using light to be creative but also essential skills in photography, such as control of manual flesh to get double exposure. I learned about how to correctly expose the photo using manual flesh + creative light.   This class helps me to understand the process of exposing with slow shutter speed.




Portrait light _2


AT this class we learned the types of lighting set up, using 3 type lighting and 2 point lighting. Setting the light is very important for the lighting off the subject. My favorite is 3 point lighting of hair and edge lighting. Although I prefer to use butterfly lighting for flatering  typer of light for shooting girls


3 point lighting with background lighting


Butterfly lighing (2 point lighting set up)

Edge lighting

3 point lighting with hair light

Motion Portraits

During this class we practice motion photography, with the help of shutter speed we achieved different results: we freeze the motion with fast shutter speed and and blur the motion with slow shutter speed.




Objects with studio light

I learned how to use the benefits of light while shooting in studio low key photography. I learned the difference between low and high  key photography. I learned how to shape the light to get the best to shoot with just one continue light. I learned how the distance, position, intensity of light affect the photo. I practiced shooting objects with continues light, shooting with color gel, practiced shooting with tripod and without.




Outdoor portraits with flash

In this class we were learning how to use flashes in low light situation. It was a very tequinically complicated thing for learn. I learned how to set  camera settings so I can shoot with flash light, I learned how to modify light with flash with the help of  diffuser and umbrella. I would like to get more practice of it, as my photos were blurred, and I wanna get the most out of flash as a portable source of light.






All Photoville was a great experience. Space was huge and I got to know so many photographers works. The works were of different styles: photojournalism, fashion, documentary, street photography, landscape. But the section which struck me more was the photojournalism section. Especially works by photographer Vincent Tremeau called ONE DAY, I WILL. Its a beautifully captured series of photographs revealing the real-life stories of kids who were displaced from their home cause of war. The photographer shoots the kids on a pure black background Medium Shots. The most interesting thing about the kid’s expression is that they look so happy although they had suffered in their life. So only the description of that photo opens the real truth. I think that it is a great example of storytelling and example that photography could be a great powerful tool, that can inspire and influence positively.


We were shooting hyperlapse with long exposure. I learned to to shoot with long exposure, and always look for some stable position for the camera, as handheld shooting will give blurred unnecessary results.