Final – Goldilock and the three bears

I’ve chose the fairy tale – Goldilock and the three bears. I decided to be very close to the story plot, and to be literal with the storyboard, as I want to recreate authentic mood. That is why I prepared props a day before, first I planed to shoot my friend as a main character Goldilock, but there was a conflict of time the day of shooting, so I was left with nothing but become a main character myself and asked for a friend to shoot me under my directing. That is why it took me longer even after instruction what kind of shot to took and how to frame, so I was checking every photo taken to be sure, that it is what I want. The difficulties I faced was setting the camera to shoot in very  small room, that is why I need to be more creative with angles of shots. So I live in loft I have a ladder to the attic, that gave me a chance to shoot from above.

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