Extra Credit #1

I saw at the exhibit that all photos were of expressions of freedom. The pride exhibit did not have many photos. But they were considered self explanatory. As that there was not much needed context or in description to see the events on the photos. Though the irony of that all photos are in black and white, yet symbols of pride are very colorful.

Imagining the photos in real life really brings out the color and its almost completely vivid of the hues on the scene of the color. what stood out to me the most was a photo of a person that dressed half like a man and half like a woman. What caught my interest was that, that person can be anyone a man or women.

To me the message of the photo mentions the separation between sex and gender. With pose of prideful expression there is the lack of fear being shown and the strength of being one’s self no matter the gender or sex classification. While everyone is one or the other, why not be both.

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