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Learning Log #12 PSA

Today, in class we did a PSA shoot. The first struggle about my PSA was keeping a straight face. Another struggle I faced was while editing the picture and entering the text in photoshop. Also, adding the tattoos and warping it was a real struggle but I finally got it. Domestic Violence

Fairytale Concept Idea

For my final, I was thinking of recreating the “Red Riding Hood” story. However, I still am brainstorming as to how I will execute it. But, I think I will dress my son up as the wolf and my sister to be the Red Riding Hood. But, I still am not sure. Any suggestions?

Magazine Cover

HypeBeast Cover


During this class session, we had the liberty of taking any type of shots we wanted using any type of light whether it be a butterfly lighting or an edge light. Then we would take the best shot you had and create a magazine cover. For my shot, since my model had a lot of Supreme stickers I thought I would go for that urban and modern vibe.

Light Painting

This is my favorite class session of all time because it is so fun and creative. The one struggle faced was when you wanted to write something, you have to write it backwards and sometimes it wouldn’t even look right. Another struggle was getting all the painting you wanted within the time frame. Using the color lights creates a different feel to the pictures. One of the pictures is not a portrait, but I found it cool to just have the color in front of the dark black background.

Light Painting NYC Light Painting My son's name  Light Painting Light Painting

Portrait Lighting 2

3point Background Light


3point Hair Light


This class was really fun because you could actually see the differences in lighting because the pictures look differently. Some of the pictures look darker and others look lighter. I actually love the darker looking pictures because it gives it more of a focus look, makes it sharper, and dramatic.

Portrait Lighting




Lighting makes every picture different. Split makes a picture more dramatic in my opinion because half of the persons face is half light and half shadow. Rembrandt is half the face lit up and creates a little triangle of light on the other light. Broad is the whole face lit up; short is when the face is lit to the side and is furthest from the light. Loop is a little edge of shadow coming off from the nose. Unfortunately, I do not have short or loop portraits.

High & Low Key Lighting for Still Life

During this class session, we were playing with high and low key lighting. High key lighting as you can see in the two pictures has zero shadows and it is more intense. While, low key lighting is all about the shadows and the light is not so intense. Personally, I like low key lighting because it creates more intensity, like it is more dramatic. Color gels with low key light creates an even more intense shot, gives it a cool effect, especially because my still life composition contains a skull.

High Key Light High Key Light Low Key Light Low Key Light with Color Gel

LL#5: Action/Motion Portraits

Semi Motion Frozen Motion Frozen Motion

The walking motion was a cool experience because the background is blurred and focus on the person walking so it gives it like a frozen in time effect. Second two pictures were interesting because the shutter speed determines if the object that is moving gets blurred or if it gets frozen. The higher the shutter speed the more focus the object will be and could be frozen during the motion. And that also means that the ISO gets higher as well.

Outdoor Flash

Outdoor Flash .  Outdoor Flash Outdoor Flash     Outdoor Flash

These 4 are my favorite because the flash and the shadows are working together. The cast of the shadow makes the pictures more intense because the way the shadow just casts the person. For these photos, the background even made it better because with the shadows and the urban feel, concrete wall it made even more intense.

Learning Log 2 Indoor Light

Blue Light

For this picture the projector was still on so we used the light that was shining as our light source. The good thing as that this was a colored light, so I wanted to give it a cool affect to the picture Composition wise I wanted to get somewhat of a profile view so you wouldn’t see the screen in the back, yet manage to capture a little bit of her shadow.

This was in the elevator what I really loved was how the ceiling lights was shining on the walls. I wanted to have a “depth of field” effect where it went from light to dark. My composition was to fit to frame that way it focused more on certain parts.

The lockers had something interesting where the light was hitting in small parts of the locker and other parts was dark. The light wasn’t so great.