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LL#5: Action/Motion Portraits

Semi Motion Frozen Motion Frozen Motion

The walking motion was a cool experience because the background is blurred and focus on the person walking so it gives it like a frozen in time effect. Second two pictures were interesting because the shutter speed determines if the object that is moving gets blurred or if it gets frozen. The higher the shutter speed the more focus the object will be and could be frozen during the motion. And that also means that the ISO gets higher as well.

Outdoor Flash

Outdoor Flash .  Outdoor Flash Outdoor Flash     Outdoor Flash

These 4 are my favorite because the flash and the shadows are working together. The cast of the shadow makes the pictures more intense because the way the shadow just casts the person. For these photos, the background even made it better because with the shadows and the urban feel, concrete wall it made even more intense.

Learning Log 2 Indoor Light

Blue Light

For this picture the projector was still on so we used the light that was shining as our light source. The good thing as that this was a colored light, so I wanted to give it a cool affect to the picture Composition wise I wanted to get somewhat of a profile view so you wouldn’t see the screen in the back, yet manage to capture a little bit of her shadow.

This was in the elevator what I really loved was how the ceiling lights was shining on the walls. I wanted to have a “depth of field” effect where it went from light to dark. My composition was to fit to frame that way it focused more on certain parts.

The lockers had something interesting where the light was hitting in small parts of the locker and other parts was dark. The light wasn’t so great.

Learning Log 1 Artificial Light Portraits

These are the best 3 pictures that I took although they are kind of blurry. Anyway, for picture 1 I wanted to show the model plus the ATM sign the light was just positioned in a cool way. For this specific picture i wanted to use the rule of frame where she is in the center and there is not of background shown just the sign and part of the window. For picture 2, what caught my eye the most was the way the light was concentrated on his face and some parts of his body which created intensity and drama. For this one, he was not centered in the middle, but more to the side because I wanted more of the background to show.  Picture 3 is my favorite, it is the most dramatic and intense because of the darks and the red light. This was a little blurry but what I love about it, is that some of his facial features are highlighted with the red light. Unintentionally, created this half dark half light effect on the model.

Picture 1

Processed With Darkroom

Picture 2

Processed With Darkroom

Picture 3

Processed With Darkroom

HW 1 Photographer Blog Post

Photo Credit: Joey LawrencePhoto: Joey Lawrence 

The photographer that stood out the most to me is Joey Lawrence. Going through his website and his work it amazes me at how beautiful all his shots are. He does mostly portrait shots but, there’s something about those shots that capture your attention. What stands out the most to me is the composition, the light, and how saturated the colors are in his pictures. In his pictures you could feel the emotion behind the picture, in his portraits the eyes reflect the person’s emotions. For example, in the picture above the composition of the photo is amazing you have a little bit of background and then you have part of the window where the sun is shining through and you could actually some of the rays peeking through. At the same time, it’s not too far out where you see too much background. The look that is captured on the girl’s faces show sadness and scared. If you look through his Oxfam: The Mosul Corridor project you see what these children need to face and that expression are captured in these girls faces.