Learning Log #11


To create these pictures I had to get the lighting in the right places and have my camera settings at ISO 200, Aperture F6.3 and Shutter Speed. There is a lot of dramatics in the lighting of these pictures. My favorite part of this exercise was walking around and the process of taking them photos.

Learning Log #11

Leading lines to create depth.  Had the flash shooting down on her to light up her face.

Flash aiming right at her mixed with the flash that created this really nice tone on her face.

Really nice contrast that made the side of her face really pop.

Learning Log #11


In these three shots it took time and patience in order to get the exposure consistent with the background and environment, meanwhile to get the speedlight as well. The first shots does creates a little bit of a triangle near her nose and cheeks.

Learning Log #11

In today’s class I am so glad that I learned a new technique in the photography by using the flash and trying to have a dark or blur background. This is my Outdoor shoots . Every picture I set up the ISO was different in each  picture it was between 100 and 400 , the aperture was different too in each picture , it was between 5.6 and 8.0 and the shutter speed also was  different in each picture which was  between 1/125 to 1/200 .Also I had to adjust the flash light  in each and every picture where to located related to my model and by increasing and decreasing the power of the flash light .



Learning Log 11 – Flash/Ambient

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These are photos of my classmate Megan, she is very photogenic. With Timothy’s holding the speedlight from a distance, I was able to get the dramatic lighting. In the second photo, it was pretty much the same process. The only difference is she is leaning against the wall. The last photo was taken under the bridge, Timothy was on the far right and had the speedlight sideways.

Learning log #11

     For these shots, a lot was required. First of all, PATIENCE. Second, the right ISO and aperture. The ISO had to keep changing because of the amount of sunlight we kept receiving. It was interesting trying to get the shadows in the right place using flash. What I liked the most was capturing the last image since there is a kind of dramatic effect to it, due to the shadow that was created on the left side.