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Learning Log #4 – Flash/Ambient

Today’s lesson focused on Outdoor Flash/ Ambient Lighting and I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed how the lights and shadows went hand to hand with each other and created these amazing contrast. I decided to play with natural light and with the flash (speed light) that was given to us to see if it would give me a nice contrast of both high and low. I believe that my “disliked” photo would be the second photo only because I wanted it to have more shadow rather than the natural light, but in a sense it works because it’s a mixture of the two. The first photo and the last one worked really well for me because it gave me the dramatic light that I wanted. I wanted the shadows on one side giving it a dramatic effect and a great light source on the other side. Overall, I enjoyed this lesson today because it helped me understand how great lighting works hand and hand with the dark.



Homework #3 PhotoVille.

























These were top five photos I took at PhotoVille, and I loved it. I struggled with the focus of the photo and light source. The light was shining so bright and when I would bring the light down it would be too dark so I was a bit difficult. I believe that these photos came out great, in my opinion. The first image I chose this because of the light source it warm lighting in a way. I had taken a second shot of the first image it was very dark contrast but I felt as if it was a bit harsh. In the second image, I love how the sunlight hit the photo because it actually went with it. How the light source went from dark to light really interested me in a way. In the third photo, I just loved the concept of young and happy and old and prideful. The light source for this was taken a bit dark intentionally to give the photo more of a mystery look and feel to it and I also wanted to add a bit of life for a sense of “hope” in a way. In the fourth photo, that was by accident but I admired the little loop blur it gave me because it looks like the person was in multiple places at the same time and you can see a bit of the photo in the back. The last photo, I admired as well, just wanted it to have a little bit of a high contrast to it to give it a more feel to it. But i enjoyed the low – high contrast in these photos, just wished they could have been a bit more focused and the light source could be a little bit high.

Learning Log #3 – Street Photography

Today’s topic focused on “Street Photography,” I personally enjoyed this topic because it was all about action, being able to take a live action and capture the moment. I worked on making sure the ISO, aperture, and the shutter speed were all on the same timing. I made sure to match the lighting with the sunlight outside because it was too bright and I was focused on capturing the moment before it’s gone. For example, the last photo I was about to capture the man in the ice cream truck and he just hid in the shadow of the car. That drove me wild but I still managed to use it as a prime example of “trying to capture the moment.” But overall, I enjoyed street photography on a whole and I love how most of my photos came out, regardless of the minor tweaks that I still need to work on.



Learning Log #2 – Natural Light Portraits


I enjoyed today’s activity because it dealt with nature and people so it went hand and hand with each together very well. One difficulty I faced when taking images was LIGHTING! It drove me crazy! When the light did come out we had to run back to position and shoot the shots and use the reflector to enhance the light, that was the funny part but extremely frustrating. I worked more on my angles and finding the best lighting possible. I also tried to work on leading lines, faded background and the main idea of an image. The first image I wanted to copy a past image we saw (girl holding the lamb and everyone looking away from the camera) so I tried to make Briana be the main idea of the photo while Ebony looked away. The second image, I wanted a faded background and a focus on Briana, I tried to make that work in some sort but i believe it came out good. Lastly, I focused on leading lines with Ebony and made sure that the strip leading all the way down were empty so she could be the main attraction. Overall, I believed that the difficult part was finding the light with the reflector to create a sense of natural lightening and also having to deal with the light in general in seconds.

Learning Log #1 – Light & Shadows

I took the chance in taking these photos and I enjoyed taking them! I believe that my lighting and shadows were a bit off in my opinion, but I decided to do portraits and filling in the frames. I managed to get angles to try to get the best lightning possible and also try to get some form of shadows. I also, tried to enhance the photos as well but they came out to bright. But with these pictures I took I managed to use items to give shadow, such as : a leaf and mixing both light and shade. I realized that some of my shadows were too dark and I needed to work more on the ISO and F stops. I worked with what I had to make things work and I absolutely enjoyed this assignment.

Image A

Image B

Image C

Homework 1 – Photographer Blog Post

My favorite piece of photography came from these love birds named Davina and Daniel, and their idea of wedding photography. I admired how they came together and wanted to share other couples love for each other through the lens of a  camera. A background story about the two, according to the given link, Daniel always had a strong love for photography. Whereas, Davina studied journalism and was later taught by Daniel the foundation of photography. The married couple decided to expand their knowledge on the techniques of becoming a photographer. I was very much so inspired by the couples work because of the theme and everything it stood for, the essence of love. I also enjoyed how they crossed blended nature and love together. Every picture they had taken in their portfolio were absolutely beautiful and hard to choose, but my very favorite was the old couple dancing in the middle of the room. I admired that photo so much because it showed me how love never dies and that it can be forever if you choose to make it work. The black and white touch in the photo also gave it a past – present touch and makes the photo more beautiful.

Class Assignment – Blog Post

The Civil Rights Movement had a bigger impact on the world most of the movements there were in years. The worst place it took a toll on was Birmingham, Alabama where leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr took the challenge to protest for every African Americans human rights. According to 100photos, a known journalist named Charles Moore had captured an image that took a turn for “the better.” Moore had captured police brutality, so the world could see that it was an issue for African Americans to live in the world of the “free.” I admired this photo because the American American male was very calm, and that made me question why? I assumed it was because he was used to this kind of brutality and another part of me just assumed that he just wanted peace and no violence. The photograph also captures how there are always two sides of a story, violence doesn’t always have to be the answer. I just admired his reaction and how he handled the situation, very calm and collected.