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The Civil Rights Movement had a bigger impact on the world most of the movements there were in years. The worst place it took a toll on was Birmingham, Alabama where leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr took the challenge to protest for every African Americans human rights. According to 100photos, a known journalist named Charles Moore had captured an image that took a turn for “the better.” Moore had captured police brutality, so the world could see that it was an issue for African Americans to live in the world of the “free.” I admired this photo because the American American male was very calm, and that made me question why? I assumed it was because he was used to this kind of brutality and another part of me just assumed that he just wanted peace and no violence. The photograph also captures how there are always two sides of a story, violence doesn’t always have to be the answer. I just admired his reaction and how he handled the situation, very calm and collected.


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