Assignment 2

What kind of graphic designer are you?

In my previous second day of topics of graphic design class, l once again enjoyed it as much as I did the first day. I’ve learned that there are many different types of graphic designer that we all could be and from those different designers, I’ve also learned their functions. Overall the best part of this second day of class was that we were all able to see the amazing work from students who were able to finalize a work piece about themselves and see what kind of graphic designer best fit them. This motivated me because it gave me ideas on how to set up my portfolio piece to show others what type of designer I am just by taking a look at my designs instead of reading my information.

When I look at myself and the work I perform, I realized that the type of graphic designer I am is a generalist and not specialist. A generalist is a person competent in several different areas of the same industry. On the other hand, a specialist is a person highly skilled in a specific area of industry. An example of a generalist can be someone who’s talented in designing book covers, posters, magazines, annual reports, websites, packaged goods, logos, etc. Also an example of a specialist is someone who designs book covers only or someone who’s only great at designing one thing. The reason why I consider myself a generalist is because I believe I’m able to design more than one thing. My skills have been developing as I’ve been taking classes after classes each semester. Even though my skills are developing there’s still room for improvements that I’m willing to master and overcome.

In addition, not only I see myself as a generalist, but the kind of graphic designer I also see myself as is an apparel graphic artist and a freelancer. An apparel graphic artist is an Apparel industry that includes custom graphics, typography and patterns for T-shirts, bags, denim, outerwear, labels and tags. A freelancer is someone who has control of their schedule which can be liberating and isolating. You are your own salesperson and boss. Both of these functions I can definitely relate to and it’s something that I also for sure will enjoy. I believe that as a graphic designer you have to love what you do because if you don’t, it’s not for you. Passion in my opinion will determine whether you love what you do or not. Being both an apparel graphic artist and a freelancer is the kind of graphic designer I am.

The reason why I say I’m a generalist, apparel graphic artist and a freelancer is because I enjoy designing posters for events which I’ve done before. On top of that with the poster/ flyer event poster that I love doing, I also have a skill in designing t-shirts for the events or just for personal use. Not only I’ve done t-shirt designs or posters but I also have made logos. I’ve made a personal logo for myself and a logo for a created company. Another design I’ve done would be magazines. I would say making a cover for my magazines is my strength but other than that designing the inside of a magazine is something I would have to work on. Now when it comes to freelance, I love the idea of having the freedom to make my own schedule and what makes it better is since I really don’t like to stay in one spot , freelance gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and travel around the world which is something I enjoy doing the most.

In conclusion, from my experience and my designs, I can say that I’m really looking forward to making my skills stronger and pursuing my goals in being the designer I’m going to be.