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Story Proposal








Story Proposal 1

Story Proposal 2



Thumbnails and Pitch

3lp1Column 1 – Once upon a time,there were three little pigs in space.

Column 2 – One pig built his house out of aluminum in Mercury

Column 3 – The second pig build his house on Mars wit cooper3lp2

Column 1 – The third pig worked so hard that he build his house out of diamond on earth.

Column 2 – The alien spots the two pigs and plans to hunt them down.

Column 3 – The alien destroys pig number 1’s house which is Mercury3lp3

Column 1 – The alien destroys pig number 2’s house which is Mars

Column 2 – The alien tries to destroy the 3rd pigs house which was on earth but there was a force field around it so when the alien shot his laser on earth, the laser bounced back and killed the alien.

The 3 little pigs take place in space where they’re 3 pigs which are the main characters who live in different planets. One lives in Mercury, Mars and Earth. The big bad wolf which is no longer a wolf but is a alien is traveling around space with a UFO destroying each planet that the pigs live in.But there’s one planet that he couldn’t destroy.This is a mysterious story mainly for people all ages.


My Process Book





Be your worst own critic




When watching these tutorial videos, my main focus would be learning how to draw one of my concept drawings in a worms eye view and a eye level shot. I found it very interesting to use worms eye view because it allows the audience to see what subject in the illustration is more dominate then the other and that’s what I’m going for. There were times when I would use a eye level view for my illustrations but for some reason it turned out that eye level views don’t workout out for all drawings. In other words what I’m trying to say is , there will always be one specific angle that will best fit a drawing depending the setting. For instance, I did a revised version of one of my concepts using a worms eye view.






I would use this also as one of my reference to create my concept sketch.


Proposed Working Method

The process I would like to use is basically start of with thumbnail sketches pick my best one and then use lines and shading. But mostly shading. Instead of painting, my ideal was to basically convert my illustration digitally because I feel as if my art work is stronger in digital work. My main focus on my illustration would be the characters and indicate which character or subject is more dominate. In other words as it was shown in this picture by Eric Fortune. In this illustration, the author demonstrates that the most relevant or the main focus of this picture would be the subject that’s standing over the objects that’s on the floor. That’s how I want to show in one of my concept sketches. My main focus will be more on the subjects then the surrounds so that’s why you would see more details on the characters then in the setting. Just like concept 2 is showing.


concept-2-revisionsconcept sketch 2