Visual Quote Concept

Visual Quote Concept

be the change

I used this poster for my quote because to me it shows seperation from your surroundings. Sometimes to be the change you have to separate yourself from the worldly things and just be yourself. I used photoshop to insert the text.

Global Awakening

You were created to make a difference in this world. Be the difference so you can make a difference. This quote has a strong message and I feel like if this quote was put into practice we would live in a better world. I used photoshop to create this poster.

poster 2

This relates to the quote by the image signifying that since we were all born different there’s no reason to live a life like others. Instead we need to be the change and stand out. I used adobe illustrator to create this picture quote. I created two people with black hoodies and one with a white hoodie to show that the person in the middle stands out more since he’s different from the others. In other words we were not put in this world to fit in but to stand out. The font I used was stencil.

poster 1

This indicates that it relates to the quote by stating that since your past was basically meant for the mistakes you make like others did, the future is basically to do things differently and right. The red arrow pointing back represents your past and the color red basically represents to stop looking at your past and the green arrow represents to move forward into whats ahead of you which is your future. I used adobe illustrator as well and the fonts I used were impact, informal roman and Perpetua titling MT.