Type and Media (COMD 1167)

Kerning Vs. Tracking

Good Tracking


This picture of a church is an example of good tracking because in each word in the name “Saint Vincent De Paul”, the letters are neatly spaced out even though there’s a huge gap between the words. The meaning of the word tracking is when you adjust the space between words, numbers and sentence.


Bad Kerning


This picture of the truck that has the word FedEx is an example of bad kerning because there’s no space between the letters. The letters are too close to the point that they’re touching each other. There’s no space between the characters as the definition of kerning states.



My Neighborhood

In my neighborhood, as I was roaming around and taking pictures, there was a lot of visuals of typography that caught my attention. These images that I’ve taken have indicated to me that some of these lettering’s of the buildings came from ancient writing that were carved in stone and other lettering from building or even posters seemed like they were modern. For instance the lettering would be in script with designs all over it or even in print with a logo. The letters that were carved in stone are known as epigraphy. Epigraphy is the study of letterforms and interpretation of ancient inscriptions. As I was going towards the area of my job, the environment would modify from modern type designs like brick walls and wood with bold lettering’s of every style of writing to a environment where the buildings had pillars with engraved letters that were written in symbols and similar to a roman style of writing. Some of these buildings had sculptures as well and they would look like temples or even castles. On the other hand , there were buildings or houses that had graffiti as a style of writing. Another thing that these images say about my community is that my community is separated from modern time designs to ancient designs. When it came to ancient designs, there were more details and designs that caught my attention the most. Another thing about my neighborhood is that there would be a lot of coloring on the letters. The coloring and the designs of the letters is what makes everything stand out. In my community another thing that I notice is that more art would be presented in the letters or buildings as I was going downtown. There would be art in walls , art made out of stone and in so many other ways. What would also catch my attention the most was that there would be self portraits of people on the walls. Art can be expressed in many ways in words, drawings and even sculptures. What’s important is the meaning behind it.