Assignment 1

What did you learn from this class?

In my Topics in Graphic Design class, I can truly say that I really enjoyed it. My professor seemed great and for my first day of class I learned not enough information but important information. Information that really stood out to me and realized how it could benefit me and my fellow classmates. It was overall a interesting class and looking forward to what’s in stored for the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping this semester is a great experience.

In my first day in class, I’ve learned first the principles of Graphic Design as a review. The principles of Graphic Design are contrast, hierarchy, figure ground, color theory, emphasis and type. I then learned the significants of doodling. Doodling is making spontaneous marks to help yourself think. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and it’s a tool that we need to put into practice. I’ve also learned that many people tend to think that doodling is something you do when you lose focus but in reality it stops you from losing focus. It’s actually a problem solving technique for deep information processing. There are four ways that learner’s intake information so they can make decisions which are visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic.

From what I learned, I think this class is going to go well. Like I mentioned before the professor seems great and from what she’s going to teach us, it looks like it’s a class that’s going to prepare us very well for the real world when we’re looking for jobs that have to do with graphic design. From observing this class and the professors lectures, everything I’m learning could benefit me in the future. May this class continue to be amusing and I’m hoping in this class I continue to learn much more about graphic design and the importance of it.

In addition, this class affects my learning and helps me to have a job as a graphic designer by preparing me for what to expect when going for a interview in a job. It also helps me what to have and don’t have in my portfolio. What I will always remember and take with me to every job I apply to is that every good thing happens after every fear we overcome. In other words when working in the graphic design field, coming out of your comfort zone is expected because in this field you’re going to interact with many different people.

In conclusion, this is what I learned so far in this class and I’m looking forward for some more interesting information to use for when I’m looking for a job.