Assignment 3

Jon-Anthony Montaz                                                                                                  2/26/18

COMD 3503



In my Topics of Graphic Designs class , I’ve learned so much important information that I must keep in mind to use when it’s time for me to go out to the real world and actually look for a career job. When looking for a job , especially when it has to do with being a designer, I’ve came across information on what designers deal with and what do we need to succeed? From all this I’ve learned, I never felt so anxious and ready to prepare myself for getting the job of my dreams.

When jumping in the real world to search for a job as a designer, there’s fields that you need to succeed in. For instance ,work ethics, professionalism, professional manners, passion, skill set, understanding of principles of design, target audience, typography and others. All of these examples tie up to accomplishing the most significant thing which is working ethics. Working ethics is belief in work as a moral good : a set of values centered on the importance of doing work and reflected especially in a desire or determination to work hard. So when learning that succeeding in working ethics is very important when applying for a job as a designer, I understood that when you demonstrate working ethics you are showing that you’re a reliable and dependable person who is dedicated to their job. You’re also cooperative and show great teamwork.

In addition, to add on to what designers need to succeed in, I’ve learned that as a designer we need to be familiar with new technology and have that desire to succeed. If there’s no passion or desire when doing your job, nothing good will come from it. In other words great work will not develop if the worker doesn’t put in interest in their work. Overall , when realizing that succeeding in these fields is significant, we must keep in mind that humility plays a huge part when working. In other words, humbleness speaks louder than your work.

However, in this week’s class, not only that I learned that designers need to succeed certain fields but they also have to expect challenges and have a mature attitude towards it. In other words ,designers have to be self-disciplined. There’s certain challenges  that designers deal with. For example, rejection, disagreeing and most importantly getting out of their comfort zone. Many designers or people in general are afraid to get out of their comfort zone and that is why many of us don’t grow.

In conclusion, this was my overall learning experience and I’m looking forward to really learning some more.