Assignment 6


Jon-Anthony Montaz                                                                                                 4/22/18   COMD 3503

Assignment 6

My topics of Graphic designs class has been a wonderful learning experience for me.This week’s class was such a great class because I’ve learned so much.  What really caught my attention in the last class was learning about symbols, iconic forms, signs and etc. I didn’t realize how relevant symbols and icons are since now when the professor gave a lesson about it.

Iconic forms are quickly recognized and processed, and their meanings are memorable. They communicate through an efficient use of shape, line and color. What’s important about the word icon is that it has many meanings in art and graphic design.  Graphic serves as a method for improving society through effective communication that makes complicated things easier to understand. This leads to visual communication. Visual communication combines speech, written language and imagery into messages.

In addition, what I also learned was about symbols and signs. Symbols also help designers convey unique messages and are one of the most effective tools used in communicating quickly. Signs are an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the presence or occurrence of something else. In other words, it’s an object that represents a message or signal. After learning about symbols and signs, when watching a video about it, I notice how significant and useful it is and can be used in our daily lives.

When watching the video about symbols and signs in class, what caught my attention about these symbols is that you can create a message and a story with it. There’s always a story behind every symbol you see. Sometimes you don’t need words to describe what’s taking place. Symbols speak for itself and that’s what I learned in class. Signs with no apparent resemblance to the object or thing being represented that requires the use of common language or cultural experience is known at symbols.

In conclusion, this overall experience has helped me to realize that, when designing a logo, the logo or symbol should speak for itself without having words. Symbols can also express itself or represent a message.