Assignment 4

When watching the videos that was presented in class such as 7 rules for making more happiness, Elizabeth Gilbert (your exclusive creative genius) and others, I’ve learned so much that I can actually agree with most of the things that was said and also disagree. What I’ve learned from these videos was something that I will always keep in mind when living my life.

What I’ve learned from these videos were mostly lessons on how to live a better life. For instance in one of the videos, it talks about happiness. Something that many of us desire especially since the condition of the world isn’t good. To get deeper in this topic of happiness, it was said in the video of  7 rules for making more happiness that one of the ways that people can maintain or become happy is if you have a lot of friends. My input on this is that I disagree on the fact that the more friends you have , there is happiness guaranteed because I’ve witness many people who do have a lot of friends and yet they feel empty and not satisfied. My opinion is that, true happiness can be found when you’re able to make yourself happy weather you’re by yourself or with a crowd of friends.

Which leads me to what I also learned from these videos which is that when you love to do more of the things you love to do and less of what you don’t like to do you become happy and I agree. I can relate to this because I have experienced a situation in my life where I was studying a major that I disliked which was electrical mechanical engineering. This allowed me to realize how true it is when it is said that you can be happy when you do more things you love and less things you don’t love. The result of doing something you less love is feeling miserable.Ive also learned when it comes to happiness, traveling to new places causes happiness but in the other hand, money doesn’t make you happy or buy happiness’ and worrying solves nothing. It just makes things worse.

How great it is to know that when watching these videos, you can learn so much from it. For instance, when working in a designing field, it’s never about you and more about your customers. I also learned that the worst thing to do is complain and to not work because of fear. Not all your ideas will be great so don’t be afraid to do your job. What’s significant is that being afraid of doing what we love to do shouldn’t be an issue.

In conclusion, this overall experience has helped me to realize that, in your ups and down , stopping your passion or what you love to do shouldn’t be a option.