Personal Experience Essay

As a child, one of the many things that interested me the most was scary stories and horror movies. I remember vividly during my elementary school and middle school day’s searching only for the genre horror/ mystery in the book fairs. Therefore, after reading so many stories, it wasn’t too long afterwards until I decided to make my own. I didn’t anticipate the amount of writing I did and genuinely thought I was not going to finish, but somehow I ended writing practically a whole book. I was probably in middle school at this time and got a black and white composition notebook and started to write my “scary” story in it. Which now I look back and to be very honest it’s not the scariest, however this was the first time i was writing something outside of school and on my own. I had all these ideas, settings, characters, plots ,conflicts, and with all of it i was putting them together and making a story. Like many stories, mine didn’t take a day, it took a long time especially with all the changing and revising you do ,but I made time for it whether it was during school or after or even between classes. This was technically the first writing I was invested and fascinated in. I worked on that book for over a month and I remember one of the most difficult things being the title, and til this day the book shall remain untitled. To sum up, this experience made me realize how much i can love writing and how i don’t have to limit myself on WHAT to write.

reading response “only daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

in the “only daughter by Sandra Cisneros”  we see how much she wants her dad to see her equally as her brother’s ;she wants her dad not only to see her as a girl meant be married but a girl meant to study hard find a good profession and make him proud as her brothers. I found interesting the way Sandra worked all the way to the end to hear the words she always wanted to hear from her father as he says in the last paragraph “where can we get more copies of this for the relatives”.

Personal Experience Essay

When I had to take the Chinese Lote in my junior year of high school. After taking 3 years of Chinese at the time and having a Chinese influence with a 95% Asian school located in Chinatown of all places. I came to the point where I need to recollect all my previous Chinese knowledge in order to pass the test. The Chinese Lote consisted of 2 parts, the oral and written, which were separated in separate days. I remember the oral part of the test the most even though it counted for the least amount of points in the test. There was tension in the air, classmates flipping through their notebook pages and rushing through google translate for some last-minute studying. Those three years of suffering in Chinese class listening to my 老师(teacher) all came down to this moment; if you don’t include the ap Chinese test we were made to take in our senior year. Our previous Chinese teachers from when we were freshmen and sophomores were our examiners, which we were randomly assigned to. I was gambling with fate at this point to what teacher I’ll get. My oral was my worst aspect of the language, reading and writing benefitted me more. I either avoided answering oral questions or prepared ahead of time for when I needed to say something. The oral part consisted of 300 random cards displaying different topics and situation which we were to make a conversation to the teacher with. You were made to choose 2 of the 300 cards to talk about with the teacher in either teacher or student initiate, so basically it was like good luck.

Personal Experience essay

It wasn’t until I came to this country that I had to struggle that much with reading and writing. I remember being at School as a freshman in english class, the first time my teacher ask me to write an essay and at that time I didn’t even know what was she talking about. I never wrote an essay before and worse than that I did not know a single word of english. When I started the essay I was so frustrated and uncomfortable because it was my first time writing and reading that much and adding to that it was on a complete new language. I tried my best but, I had a ton of grammar mistakes even using a translator word by word, somethings just didn’t make any sense for me. Even though I tried my best I knew I was not going to get a good grade on that essay just by the facts that it was my first one and my situation with writing and reading in english. The frustration I past through wasn’t because it was hard, I can say that it was because I did not know how to read and write at all. To add, it was more difficult for me because my teacher try to explain as best and simple as she could but the true is that at that moment I wasn’t going to understand it. I didn’t even understand what she was saying to me.

Response to Sandra Cisneros’ “Only Daughter”

My favorite story was Sandra Cisneros’ Only Daughter. In this story, the author talks about her childhood and how, throughout most of her life, she sought approval from her father. I can relate to this myself because as a kid all I wanted to do was receive approval from my parents and I’m pretty sure most kids were like that too. Most people give up on that idea when they grow older, but the author talks about how she still sought approval from her father through her own writing. This is what I found interesting because mainly people grow into adults and stop trying to get approval from their parents but she didn’t. This was because she grew up around brothers who probably always received approval from their father while she didn’t. Overall, this story was really interesting and shows how important the role of family is on someone’s life. 

Personal Experience Essay Cody Zou

Throughout my life, I never really had any significant reading or writing

moments that I can remember of. Although nothing was really significant I

remember working very hard on my college essay last year. It was very hard

for me to start the essay, as I didn’t know what to start with nor did I have a

topic. I remember struggling for a whole week in my school library after

school brainstorming. After I talked to my friend, we eventually got a topic

for me to write about, although I don’t want to share it. I was stressing

when I first started my essay because I felt like I was a basic and boring

person. But even if I am, I still had many interesting events that I shared.

The hardest part for me when it came to writing this essay was definitely

the introduction. After the introduction, everything was smooth from my

body to the conclusion. It took me well over two weeks to finish this essay as

I revised it several times. When I finished the essay I remember not being

very confident about it. So I went to my English teacher from sophomore

year, I remember clear as day when he read my essay he enjoyed it very

much. That made me feel confident. Overall when I finished my whole

college essay I was so relieved after weeks of stress for an essay. Although I

might not have a lot of significant moments from reading to writing the

college essay that I wrote was very prevalent to me.

Personal Experience Essays

DUE SEPT 11: Please post your personal anecdote/experience essays here! Be sure to consult the Unit 1 Assignment sheet (I passed this out in class and I also sent it as an attachment via email).

Describe a personal experience that in some way describes or enables you to say something about your relationship to reading and writing. BUT! Stick with the description of the event–we will be expanding the experience to your literacy narrative next week.

Reading response “Only Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros

I found Sandra’s story to be an interesting one because she’s the only daughter of 6 siblings and essentially she’s been outcasted by her own brothers and even father due to being a girl, due to that reason she’s developed her writing skills. Sandra’s States. ” But that aloneness, that loneliness, was good for a would-be writer it allowed me time to think and think”.  I found this intriguing because that same experience can be heart breaking to certain people however Sandra took that opportunity to develop and hone her writing skills to the point where’s she’s a famous author. Its really interesting how some people handle certain situations differently and I believe if she didn’t handle it the way she did she wouldn’t be In the same position she’s in today.

“Learning to read” by Malcolm X

In some way, I feel connected to Malcolm X’s experience in prison because sometimes I feel frustrated because I can’t fully express my ideas just because of my lack of practice of the language. This is connected to the text because before Malcolm X was in prison he did not worry about learning how to write and read because he did not need it. He did not realize how important it was until he really need it and the same happens to me because I was in a high school where every single person speak spanish I didn’t worry about practicing at all but, now that I need it I realize how important it is. Also, I can relate to this text because even though I have some level of writing and reading I know that there is big amount of words that I don’t know yet just like Malcolm X. To add, this text makes me feel like I haven’t done anything to end up my frustration of not being able to communicate my ideas. It also gave me the answer of what should I do to end it up, I just need to take actions as Malcolm X did.

Reading response to “Only Daughter” ~Moises Bautista

Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros is an interesting and wholesome story of her growing up as the only daughter in the family with six brothers. Her father treated her as another one as his sons but she wants her own self-recognition from her father as an individual, as his daughter. When she wrote her book in spanish it was her chance to make her father look at her differently. Her writing, which the father loved even to the point of wanting copies, was her way of showing her individuality from others and to show her father, she isn’t just one of her other “sons”.I can connect with Cisneros in this story due to myself having brothers and finding my own way to show my contrast from my brothers to my parents. Displaying your own identity is hard when you’re compared to others of higher or equal status.