“Learning to read” by Malcolm X

In some way, I feel connected to Malcolm X’s experience in prison because sometimes I feel frustrated because I can’t fully express my ideas just because of my lack of practice of the language. This is connected to the text because before Malcolm X was in prison he did not worry about learning how to write and read because he did not need it. He did not realize how important it was until he really need it and the same happens to me because I was in a high school where every single person speak spanish I didn’t worry about practicing at all but, now that I need it I realize how important it is. Also, I can relate to this text because even though I have some level of writing and reading I know that there is big amount of words that I don’t know yet just like Malcolm X. To add, this text makes me feel like I haven’t done anything to end up my frustration of not being able to communicate my ideas. It also gave me the answer of what should I do to end it up, I just need to take actions as Malcolm X did.

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