Personal Experience essay

It wasn’t until I came to this country that I had to struggle that much with reading and writing. I remember being at School as a freshman in english class, the first time my teacher ask me to write an essay and at that time I didn’t even know what was she talking about. I never wrote an essay before and worse than that I did not know a single word of english. When I started the essay I was so frustrated and uncomfortable because it was my first time writing and reading that much and adding to that it was on a complete new language. I tried my best but, I had a ton of grammar mistakes even using a translator word by word, somethings just didn’t make any sense for me. Even though I tried my best I knew I was not going to get a good grade on that essay just by the facts that it was my first one and my situation with writing and reading in english. The frustration I past through wasn’t because it was hard, I can say that it was because I did not know how to read and write at all. To add, it was more difficult for me because my teacher try to explain as best and simple as she could but the true is that at that moment I wasn’t going to understand it. I didn’t even understand what she was saying to me.

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