Entry 9

I will evaluate myself and my process on a project I have previously talked about, the holiday greeting cards project that I did for Unity For Equality. I got this project assigned to me after Valentine’s day but before St. Patrick’s day. I was told to create greeting cards for all US holidays, all the way up to New Years. 

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My first thought after hearing this was, “how many holidays are there in the whole year?” because I had never thought of this before. And so, I researched all of the US calendar holidays that I could find out about and listed them out. Then, I sent this list to my supervisor and asked which of these holidays should I specifically design for and if I missed any in the list that are important. He replied with these 9 holidays specifically, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

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So now I know exactly which holidays I have to design for and that there are 9 greeting card designs that I would have to create, 1 for each holiday. I knew I had to incorporate the brand colors as often as I could and to include the logo of Unity for Equality as well. 

St. Patrick’s day on google images

I researched all of these holidays and all the motifs I could possibly include in the greeting card designs. Then, I started designing greeting cards based on when each holiday is happening in the year, in chronological sequence. So, I started designing the St. Patrick’s day card first and the last card I designed was the New Years card. 

work in progress of greeting cards

For the St. Patrick’s day card I knew that I could easily incorporate the green and yellow colors that are a part of the brand colors because St. Patrick’s day is very themed around those colors, especially green. I decided that I wanted all of the holiday cards to be very illustrated because that could bring out the motifs of each holiday plus the colors even more than for example, photography. I included 4 leaf clover illustrations that I illustrated, along with gold coins in the final design of the card. I followed this process for the rest of the holidays and illustrated and designed each holiday greeting card according to the colors that fit them each holiday and the motifs that portray each holiday best. In the end, my supervisor really enjoyed all of the designs I came up with for each holiday 


In Adobe Illustrator with all of the greeting cards I designed

I, overall, did well on this project because of my attention to detail and thought behind each holiday and how to incorporate the Unity For Equality logo and colors in each card while still accurately portraying all of these very different holidays.


Here is the blog in which I included all of the mockups of the greeting cards:

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