Entry 1

I have been searching for internships for the past month. I’ve applied to about a dozen or more internships and so far only 3 have responded, one of which rejected me, another will interview me on the 14th. I was really beginning to worry as the end of February was approaching but then I got a text from Neil Trivedi, founder of “Unity for Equality”, and he asked me if he could interview me on February 6th, and I said sure. So today I just got interviewed on the phone by him and… I got hired! 

Unity for Equality website

I was so relieved to hear this news. I was no longer worrying about not getting hired and now I could finally start my first internship! I was placed with the “Communications & Marketing” Department. Unity for equality has over 10 thousand employees and its headquarters are located in Queens, NY. They are a nonprofit organization that helps many communities around the globe: “improve their quality of life by either and/or (i) assisting high school age students enroll in public school; (ii) helping students complete their college applications; (iii) granting college scholarships to worthy applicants; (iv) providing job placement services; (v) providing financial counseling to families or individuals in a financial crisis; (vi) providing attorney referral services; (vii) providing assistance to legal immigrants to integrate into the community; (viii) providing assistance to seniors to navigate the health insurance market; and (ix) providing any and all other lawful services, assistance and guidance to families and individuals who are struggling.” They help people “below the poverty line, students, the elderly, minorities, immigrants, and other members of the community who are compromised due to financial, age, health, lack of employment, or lack of education issues by providing services that enable such individuals to improve their quality of life” 


They were founded in 2016 in New York and they went through many hurdles in their formation and expansion at first but they have come a long way. Unity for Equality has one press release from January 2021 talking about them distributing around a 1000 masks and hand sanitizers because of the rising issue of COVID-19. Another press release from June 2021 was about renaming a building formerly called “Thorndike Hall” to “Dr. Edmund Gordon Tower” because Edward Thorndike had a problematic history relating to discrimination while Dr. Edmund Gordon was a praise worthy candidate for this renaming.


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Unity for Equality Distributes Free Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers in Astoria, Queens

Petition to Rename Building Formerly Known as Thorndike Hall to Dr. Edmund Gordon Tower