Entry 5

What I am learning about the design industry is about the type of work you can be expected to do as a graphic designer. I learned that nonprofits like Unity for Equality need to have many newsletters articles. These newsletter articles are usually centered around informing and helping others in need relating to health issues and social/political issues. I have learned about these topics that really matter and learned how to create these publication designs that visually connect the organization Unity for Equality with the stories they want to share. 


banner in ‘Unity for Equality’ website in ‘about us’

When I get assigned a task, I usually get 5-13 days to do it. I do the projects/tasks I am assigned to do at my own pace when I get the time on some days of the week. Typically when I get assigned projects I create a to-do list for what I have to do each day for all my classes and add in the internship projects to when I can best do them. My typical schedule is, mostly, I work on projects assigned to me on days I don’t have classes like the weekends, Mondays, and Thursdays and I work around 3-4 hours each day, sometimes more and sometimes less. I haven’t had any clerical duties, only graphic design projects are tasked to me.

a desk with a laptop, phone, notebook, and pen
Unsplash photographer Jessica Lewis. a desk with a laptop, phone, notebook, and pen