Entry 8

Most of my internship assignments revolved around publication design, specifically, designing newsletter articles for monthly “Unity for Equality” newsletters. I would get all sorts of topics of articles to design for. The main criteria for all of them was to use the Unity for Equality logo, brand colors, include the “Unity For Equality (_month) 2022 Newsletter” in the header, A4 size document, and to always send in the designs as pngs (this goes for all other projects as well). Some of the article designs spanned from 1 to 4 pgs depending on the amount of text I was given and the way I want to design it, since I had a lot of creative freedom in all of my internship’s projects fortunately.

For some newsletters at first, I would give 2 different design versions of an article and my supervisor would decide on one. For many others I would arrive at one good design and send that in.

This was an example of me approaching an article with 2 different designs. The first design has a blue background, a tint of one of the brand colors, and all the text fits into 1 pg. The other design is a plain white background but with some pink transparent motifs relating to each section with the steps. Since I listed out the steps not in a list form and not a paragraph form, it took 2 pgs to fit all the text.

Another article I designed was about MLK. In this article I used stock images of a MLK statue and used it in different layout with text wrap.

One last article I will talk about is one I did towards the end of my internship. I had this article about books by women that all women should read. I showcased each book, alternating left to right with the title and summary next to each book cover.