Webinar Event

This Thursday, Feb 10th, I attended a webinar called “One Design One Work” hosted by Lee-Sean Huang, Director of Design Content and Learning at AIGA, and featuring a guest speaker, graphic designer, Louise Sandhaus.

cover of “Arranging Things” book

It started when Mr. Huang introduced Louise Sandhaus. She introduced the book “arranging things – the rhetoric of object placement” which she focused on throughout her lecture. She prefaced by talking about her passion for writing as a designer and how coupled with all the other elements of design like typography, tell a story. She discussed Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirrors and their infinite reflections and compared it to the book “arranging things – the rhetoric of object placement” being the light source and the subject being the light source. She talks about the language of the arrangement of things in art and design. She showed examples of arrangement and compositions in paintings, interior design, and graphic design like April Greiman’s work for “WET magazine.” 

April Greiman, “WET magazine”
objects placement paintings
another objects placement painting

There was a Q and A section for the second half of the webinar but the questions that were answered were, I believe, largely from the aiga members in the audience of which I was not a part of. There wasn’t an opportunity to network but still tried to reach out to these people on LinkedIn afterwards. The topic of arrangement of objects in portraying objects in different perspectives was interesting because I never really thought of it before. It was interesting to learn about and see examples in art and design. I really got to learn about the arrangement of objects and its significance to design and how it can communicate a message. There was no follow up email but I learned a lot from this discussion.