Entry 7

I was assigned a project towards the beginning of March relating to every holiday the US commonly celebrates. I was to create greeting cards for all the holidays from St. Patrick’s day all the way till New Years day. I had to create the designs with the Unity for Equality logo included in some way and had to incorporate brand colors when they suit certain holidays. I was told to have a front and back card design for each holiday. 


I made these holiday greeting cards with the brand colors and creativity in mind. I created a front and back for each holiday, the front having the holiday name in a greeting format with graphics representing some elements of the holiday. The back has some of the design motifs carried over and the Unity for Equality logo + name “Unity for Equality.”

Each holiday card reflects each of the holiday’s motifs and colors such as red, white, and blue stars for 4th of July, green clovers and gold coins for St. Patrick’s day. Most people will understand these visuals because of the cliché self explanatory nature of all of the motifs and colors because of their strong association with each holiday.