Creative App 2

The application I will be reviewing is Adobe XD. This is an app that graphic designers and web designers use, as part of the larger Adobe suite, as a UX/UI tool. From Web Design, to App Design, to Brand Design and even Game Design, Adobe XD is a great app to work on these many types of design work. It works very similarly to Adobe Illustrator but is quicker and simpler for all your web design needs.

You can download the app from Adobe XD’s website onto a laptop, desktop, or any mobile device (users prefer the computer version). You have to pay for an Adobe plan to access the app but signing up for an adobe account is free.

When you have the app opened up, you can create a new file. Similarly to other Adobe apps, you can select the dimensions of your document. There are preset options as well.

Adobe XD app new file screen

I have used it largely for web design myself. I have created wireframe designs with Adobe XD for websites. You can create most things you do in Illustrator but with a much simpler UX/UI focus. One way that Adobe XD is simpler.

In the Adobe XD app on laptop, the repeat grid feature

There are many other features such as:

all the great web building features of Adobe XD information on their website

Many features, like the content aware scale and the hover state, are very helpful for web designers and exactly what they need in order to be able to make really great contemporary web design, all in one simple, efficient app.

Moreover, This web design app is very helpful and easy to use. I believe anyone can start learning how to use Adobe XD easily even if you haven’t used other Adobe apps before.