Entry 4

a message on Rock I sent to my supervisor about a project I was assigned

I have a remote internship which means I work from home completely. I don’t have zoom call meetings with my supervisor or anyone, I just message with them through this app called rock and through company email.

an example of an Unity for Equality task on Rock

Because of this, there is no work attire or work culture really. However, in terms of instructions and hours, it is very flexible. There are no set hours in the day to work and therefore no set lunch breaks. My projects are always graphic design projects so far like designing newsletters, greeting cards, tote bags etc.

A feature of Google Keeps

I create these lists on google, keep notes on my phone or computer and it is synced with your gmail address. I have used google keep notes for years because it is default on android phones I’ve had over the years and it is quick and easy to create notes, to do list, and even quick sketches! I even have a labeled section for college notes because you can label your notes into categories in google keep for organization.