Creative App 1

The “Rock” app website

The application I will be reviewing is the Rock app. It is a very organized messaging app like Slack, but has greater organization for teams. It has a very simple interface and has everything a team needs. It is a free app to sign up for. There are multiple “spaces” you can get invited to or create for different groups of people. It is a very easy and simple app with a simple interface. There are features such as tasks, sending files, video calls, and notes.

The “Rock” app website showing it’s all in one features

I used the app for the first time just for this internship. I mainly used the messaging feature to message my supervisor who was giving me my projects  through messages on slack and messaging the founder of the organization I am working for, “Unity For Equality.”

“Rock” app web browser site
me messaging my supervisor a question about my assigned project at the time on “rock”

You can use Rock on your laptop or desktop straight from your web browser, or download it to your computer. You can also download Rock on any mobile device. When you have the app downloaded, you can get notifications from when you get messaged by anyone. Therefore, you can keep track of when exactly you get a reply back from lets say a supervisor. You also sort of get a notification from Rock when using your browser but it is only a sound notification and not a visual notification. 

task deadline
task status

There is another feature that I found useful and so did my supervisor who often used this feature to complete my projects and it is the tasks feature, which a supervisor can use to create a task with a title, description and deadline to submit the task and assigning certain interns to certain tasks. You can check tasks that are assigned to you and you can see the other interns that might also have the same task assigned as you as well. There can be multiple tasks assigned at once and different people assigned to each task. There is a feature as the intern to be able to say that you have completed a task or not. You can change your status from in progress to completed to indicate that you have completed your task and it shows who else has or hasn’t completed the task.

In general rock is a very helpful and useful app that is a all in one messenger and task manager which could greatly help any team.