Entry 6

supervisor message to me on Rock about tote bag assignment

One type of assignment or project I have gotten from my internship is designing tote bags for Unity for Equality. My objective was simply to make designs for a reusable grocery or tote bag with the brand colors that I was given. I was encouraged to be creative with the designs and to have photography, quotes or lots of colors. On one side of the bag there had to be the name ‘Unity for Equality’ and the logo of the organization.

Unity for Equality brand colors
Unity for Equality logo

With these requirements and suggestions in mind, I made these designs. I used the company colors and logo and created 3 versions of designs for the reusable tote bags. The first design is a blue bag with colorful circular motifs and features a quote by Gandhi, “Truth never damages a cause that is just” which I thought suited Unity for Equality and what they do which includes, fighting for the truth and causes that are humanitarian.

The second design is a plain bag but with a collage of photography that is duo toned with the Unity for Equality’s colors. The images are stock images from Unsplash and are of various places in New York City which I also thought suited Unity for Equality because they were founded in NYC.

The third and final design is on a plain bag as well but it features colorful circles within circles, all representing various colors of the Unity for Equality brand colors. I was experimenting with all the color combinations you can make from such vibrant colors.

What I learned most in this project is how I can be creative with many color options in different ways like with photoshopping duotone photography with a vibrant color. I submitted the assignment before the deadline and it was well received by my supervisor.