Entry 3

On Saturday, February 19, the organization I am interning for, Unity For Equality, was having an event talking about the company, their work around the world, and their expansion of efforts across the world. The founder Neil Trevedi discussed these things and future plans. He introduced the organization as a non profit organization based in New York City founded in 2016. They want to integrate and empower immigrants, lower and middle class, people of all ages etc. without discrimination. They have expanded to Morocco, Liberia, Egypt, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. By the end of 2022 they will have expanded to 19 new countries and jurisdictions such as Kuwait, UK, Bahrain, Columbia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, California, Texas, Canada, Africa and Tunisia.

Unity for Equality Zoom meeting

They have been very successful in 2021, one such success was them passing the new student loan debt pay back program which allows the organization to pay students debt. He discussed how unity equality went from an unknown organization to a very well known one with a lot of popular figures internationally involved in their efforts in eradicating poverty. Over 2 years into making, Vision Unity 2030 is about their objective of eliminating poverty through helping with unemployment, creating more educational opportunities globally etc. one program that would be a part of this plan called, the quality of life program, would aim to contribute to arts and culture like creating art galleries.

Unity for Equality website

The rest of the hour-long event was Mr. Trevedi discusses all of the rest of the plans and programs Unity for Equality plans to do. He also encouraged people to try to join their efforts as well. He talked about all of the hospital workers and their great efforts during these times, and discussed all of the partners of unity for equality, and thanked everyone else who is supporting them and their actions.