Entry 2

Unity For Equality – Communications and Marketing Department

My role in Unity for Equality is as a graphic design intern working in their “Communications & Marketing ” department as someone who creates newsletters, greeting cards etc. My supervisor, the person who assigns me work, is Antonio Lopez, Director of Communications and Marketing department. I found Unity for Equality through Professor Goetz posting about the organization on open lab.

I researched about them and they seemed to be a great non profit organization and I was interested in them. Another person from my class also encouraged me to apply to them for an internship because they already did and got hired. Then emailed Unity for equality asking them if they could hire me potentially for a graphic design internship.

Then I was texted by the founder of Unity for equality, Neil Trivedi, 3 days after I emailed the organization to schedule a phone call interview for the next day. I was interviewed by him on the phone and he asked me how I heard about them, if any one recommended me to them, what do I do, why do I want to work for them, and what do I want to learn from these experiences. The rest of the phone call was him explaining to me about Unity for Equality, what my work will be like, and that it is a remote, unpaid internship with flexible hours and that I will be keeping track of my own hours. I was also told about my supervisor who would be in charge of assigning projects to me. I was hired by the end of the interview. I was really thrilled to be hired by them. I am now, on February 16, onto my 2nd project that is due in a couple of days.