FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Interdisciplinary Studies at City Tech

Existing ID courses

Where can students find detailed information about interdisciplinary courses?Find detailed information on the college’s website.

Some courses are a mixture of interdisciplinary (ID) sections and non-interdisciplinary sections. Don’t forget to look for the ID designation. See Students, Don’t Let This Be You! Check for ID (Interdisciplinary).

Thinking about proposing a new ID course or new section for an existing course?
How do I propose a new interdisciplinary course?
We provide a form to propose an ID course as well as a checklist.

I want to submit a proposal for an interdisciplinary course. What are the deadlines? To run the course next semester

  • New courses have been approved by College Council Curriculum Committee by first day of semester of the previous semester. For example, to run a course for Fall 2020, it should have been approved by the CCCC by the first day of classes for Spring 2020, which is also our application deadline.
  • Existing courses must be submitted two weeks before the next ID Committee meeting

Can I propose that an existing non-ID course be made interdisciplinary?
Yes. See the ID course proposal page. Also see our application checklist

How are ID course proposals evaluated? 
The evaluation framework includes not only the ID learning outcomes with evaluation strategies, but also the main ID assignment (or representative example of course ID assignments). Here are some sample syllabi.

Questions related to existing ID courses
What is the difference between an ID and non-ID section of the same course?
The ID version of the existing non-ID course needs to go through the same proposal process just like a new ID course. It has to meet a variety of objectives and learning outcomes that align with interdisciplinary learning. These objectives are further detailed in our proposal form and application checklist. The course also has to be team-taught (co-taught, include a minimum number of guest lectures, be part of a learning community) by faculty in different disciplines and have an interdisciplinary theme.

I understand that guest lecturers may get release time or other compensation. What do I need to do as an ID instructor or a guest lecturer?
See our form for guest lecturer verification and related policies.  

If my ID course is switching format (e.g., from co-teaching to guest-lecturer model), do I need to submit documentation?
Yes. See this form.

Who do I contact for questions about ….

New courses Reneta Lansiquot and Sean Macdonald rlansiquot@citytech.cuny.edu
Format changes Reneta Lansiquot and Sean Macdonald rlansiquot@citytech.cuny.edu
Guest lecture verification Amanda Almond aalmond@citytech.cuny.edu