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John McCullough
(718) 260-5506
Entertainment Technology - stage construction, rigging, and automation


Aida Egues
Foreign Languages, Healthcare, Humanities

Spanish for Healthcare Providers is one. Harm Reduction Across Health Disciplines is another.

Reneta Lansiquot
Computer Systems Technology

Candido and I discussed creating a new “Programming Narratives” course that expands our learning community (LC) entitled Story-Telling in Role-Playing and Action-Adventure Games. Currently, as part of the LC, students gain insight into how modern games are designed (both hardware and software) using narratives. As part of this learning community—which includes CST 1100 Introduction to Computer Systems, CST 1101 Computer Programming and Problem Solving, and ENG1101 English Composition I—they leverage the problem-solving, programming, and writing skills gained in these three courses to produce a video game prototype. This prototype includes a sample game world, characters, their interactions with their setting, and a narrative establishing non-linearity. Informed by several years of educational research conducted in this learning community, our proposed interdisciplinary course will be geared toward non-CST majors and will ideally be housed in the English department. This course will mostly likely have a prerequisite of ENG 1121 English Composition II. We think “Programming Narratives” could be a popular course with elements of programming (computational thinking), narrative, and video games.

Displaying 1 - 3 of 3