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ECON 2505ID Environmental Economics

The Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, provides students with the opportunity to observe first-hand, a sustainable urban green business that simultaneously offers many additional environmental benefits. The tour, conducted by Grange staff, also offers a valuable place-based learning experience.

Brooklyn Grange Farm
63 Flushing Ave, Box 116
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Stephanie Diaz, office manager
(646) 494-5912
Sean MacDonald
Social Science
AFR 3000ID: Black New York

The African Burial Ground (ABG) in Lower Manhattan serves as the opening for the class and provides students with an understanding of the formation of race in New York City. Along with their instructor, students tour the ABG museum and monument. The field trip includes a presentation by a park ranger, who provides an overview of the history of the museum and monument.

African Burial Ground National Monument
290 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York City
Sean Ghazala, Park Ranger
(212) 238-4367
Marta Effinger-Crichlow
African American Studies
LIB/ARCH 2205: Learning Places

New York Public Library Map Room. We visit this collection after an in-class introduction to how to use maps for research and how to interpret maps. The librarians provide a lecture on how to use maps, both analog and digital, to understand how a neighborhood has changed. They can pull maps for a specific neighborhood that students can directly handle. If desired, the librarians can teach students by appointment how to use the NYPL's Map Warper to overlay maps of different historic periods for the same location.

New York Public Library Map Room
Carmen Nigro
Mishka Vance
Monica Berger
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