Guest Lecturers

These City Tech faculty members are available as guest lecturers:

Name Department or discipline Topics
Alatriste, Lubie English/Linguistics Language as Social Action; language awareness, gendered language, language and prejudice, professional discourse, language and power, the language of media; multilingual communication and language diversity at workplace
Alcendor, Ralph Biology evolution, microbiology, cell biology
Berger, Monica Library scholarly communications, research skills, popular culture, film history, popular music
Budny, Renata Restorative Dentistry Restorative Dentistry
But, Juanita English Asian American Literature/culture, reading and disciplinary literacy
Cheng, Sandra Art History Art History
Cohen Brown, Gwen Dental Hygiene clinical and microscopic pathology, dentistry, AIDS/HIV
Cunningham, Tamrah Computer System Technology game design, narrative storytelling
Davide, Susan Dental Hygiene infection control, infectious diseases, medical/dental history intake, communication skills, medical emergencies, ergonomics and instrumentation
DeCastro, Andree Psychology Mental health, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Psychology
Egues, Aida Nursing Ethics, Human Subjects Research, HIV/AIDS, Art/Humanities in Health Care Systems, Public/Community Health, Medical-Surgical Nursing
Halleck, Ezra Mathematics graph theory including networks, probability, statistics
Karthikeyan, Laina Biology Science in the Kitchen
Kilkelly, Mary Beth Communication Design design, publishing, copyright, team-design/group dynamics, portfolio/professional presentation, advertsing and promotional writing, and business writing
Lalaki, Despina Sociology/Social Science sociology of culture
Lee, David Humanities (Communication) Health communication, provider-patient interaction, health campaigns, health promotion, communication theories, health literacy, science communication, science centers, museums and exhibitions
MacDonald, Sean Social Science/Economics Environmental economics, consumerism and the environment, sustainable economic development, housing markets/policy
Matthews, Anna Dental Hygiene human development, developmental disabilities, emerging infectious diseases, human research, drugs and development
Park, Laureen Philosophy phenomenology, hermeneutics, conflict solution, psychoanalysis
Scanlan, Sean English American Literature, especially NYC novels; homesickness
Sodeinde, Olufemi Biology evolution, conservation biology, environmental biology/ecology
Swift, Christopher Theatre studies, communication Performance studies, theatre history, medieval material culture and devotion, theories of space and place
Tokke, Hans Sociology ethnography, qualitative methods, urban research, consumerism
Walljasper, Robert Hospitality Management culinary, food science, design, sustainability
Zameer, Andleeb Biology immunology, neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases
Yigzaw, Michael Social Sciences/Economics economic development, environmental economics, statistics

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