New Courses

  • Meet with faculty members proposing interdisciplinary courses.
  • Serve as a liaison on the College Council’s Curriculum Committee subcommittee assigned to review a new course and note strengths and weakness related to the satisfaction of interdisciplinary guidelines for their final report.
  • Generate an online matrix of course offerings to help ensure that there is ample opportunity for all students to take a course in a timely manner.
  • Verify that interdisciplinary courses are appropriately indicated in the schedule of classes to help registering students and also assure that they are recorded on the student’s transcript.

Existing Courses

  • Provide recommendations sought by the College Council’s Curriculum Committee related to the satisfaction of interdisciplinary guidelines for interdisciplinary course designation.
  • Email chairs of all departments that offer majors to determine, if any, existing courses they believe qualify for the College Option.
  • Consult with faculty interested to gaining interdisciplinary designation for their course.
  • Conduct an annual review of existing courses, including learning communities and special sections, by liaison with Coordinated Undergraduate Education (CUE), department chairs and course coordinators.
  • Write annual report on the status of interdisciplinary courses.

Course Development

  • Disseminate grant opportunities to promote the development of interdisciplinary courses. Note funding agencies, resources, and opportunities for development.
  • Create and maintain funding application that notes existing sponsored programs.
  • Match current sponsored programs and faculty who express interest in the same.
  • Liaison with the Social Outreach subcommittee to help support interdisciplinary efforts at the college.

Social Outreach

  • Liaison with Webmaster to help maintain online resources for faculty and students, including guidelines for interdisciplinary course syllabi, sample interdisciplinary course syllabi, list of current interdisciplinary courses, list of current sections and times for the academic year, and a “suggestion box” for submitting possible ideas for future courses.
  • Plan an interdisciplinary mixer every semester.
  • Organize a workshop series on creating, implementing, and assessing interdisciplinary courses every academic year.

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