Special Topics Courses

ARTH 2101ID Healing the Body: The Visual Culture of Medicine  :: Syllabus
Original proposers: Sandra Cheng (Humanities: Art History), Gwen Cohen-Brown (Dental Hygiene), Aida Egues (Nursing)

Examines the visual culture of medicine, including how images help shape medical knowledge, artistic representations of the healthy and ailing body, and the emergence and increasing dependence on visual technologies. The lecture course consists of three modules that present the socio-historical context of medicine in relation to the body, disease and illness, and treatment and healing. Students acquire skills to better analyze images, and examine variables in cultural values that underlie medical practice across history.

ESCI 2000ID Energy Resources :: Course outline
Original proposers: Melanie Villatoro (Construction Management Technology), Diana Samaroo (Chemistry)

This special topics interdisciplinary course surveys various energy resources: hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal and natural gas. Students learn about the scientific process of energy production and its applications. Students explore economic, social, political, and environmental impacts.

HEA 2112ID The Evolving Face of Race, Class and Gender Identity :: Syllabus
Original proposers: Monique Ferrell (English), Christine Thorpe (Health and Human Services)

Using internal colonialism as an analytical construct, this course examines the socio-historical, cultural conditions, and gender constructs of marginalized cultural and racial groups in America. A special focus is on Blacks and other Indigenous cultures and populations, such as Native Americans and Mexican Americans. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: slavery/genocide, racial/cultural blending, integration/segregation, economic deprivation, the impact of public health and mental health and shifts in gender identity and cultural roles.

ARCH 2205ID/LIB 2205ID Learning Places: Understanding the City :: Syllabus
Original proposers: Jason Montgomery (Architectural Technology), Maura Smale (Library)

This special topics course offers an interdisciplinary approach to investigating our built environment using a case study focused on a specific place each semester. This course combines physical examination with information research and data collection using methodologies developed in multiple disciplines. Students from a variety of departments engage in on-site exploration and in-depth research of a location in New York City.

PHYS 1010ID Science in the Kitchen :: Syllabus
Original proposers: Ilya Grigorenko (Physics), Claire Stewart (Hospitality Management), Roman Kezerashvili (Physics)

An introduction to the scientific concepts behind food cooking processes. Emphasis is given to general concepts and qualitative description. Laboratory work complements the course to show the scientific concepts in action in the kitchen. Laboratory exercises explain the scientific method and teach students how to perform experiments and compose a lab report.