Are you interested in submitting an application for interdisciplinary course designation? Contact the Founding Chair, Reneta D. Lansiquot.

Here is theĀ Application for Interdisciplinary Course DesignationĀ (MS Word format).

The submission deadline for new courses to be implemented in Fall 2021 is
August 25, 2021

The deadline for submitting a complete Application for Interdisciplinary Designation is at least one full week before the next scheduled Interdisciplinary Committee (IDC) meeting. Your proposal will be assigned to two or three reviewers who will have two to three weeks to review it, and they must submit their evaluation report at least one full week before the following IDC meeting for discussion and a vote to recommend approval (or return for modification) to College Councilā€™s Curriculum Committee.

If a department wishes to propose a different model of teaching for an existing interdisciplinary course, the original form can be submitted with an addendum indicating how the interdisciplinarity is maintained. This will be submitted to the IDC for an expedited process.

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