Knowing Brooklyn: A Diversity Dialogue, 3/24

Please attend and encourage your students to attend “Knowing Brooklyn: A Diversity Dialogue – An Open Forum about Our Experiences Connections & Communities” on Thursday March 24th in the Atrium Amphitheater. (If you can, please give students extra credit to attend.) Everybody who attends is encouraged to participate and make their voices heard!

Here is a printable .pdf of the poster. If you wish to include student work on “Knowing Brooklyn” or if one or more of your students would like to present their students work on the theme at the event, please contact Dionne Bennett at

In Celebration of Women’s History Month
The African American Studies Department; The College Council’s Committee on Students &  The Student Government Association (SGA)
An Open Forum about Our Experiences, Connections & Communities
THURSDAY, MARCH 24th 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Co-Sponsored by:
The Interdisciplinary Committee, The General Education Committee & Faculty Commons

For additional Information: Please Contact Dionne Bennett (AFR) at

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