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Deliver – Project 5

I felt like this project shows interpretation and more creativity to find the letters made out of just random things that you can find. This project isn’t the best one that I have done, but I did learn a lot while trying to make something out of nothing. I feel like I could have done better with the creations of the backgrounds, but other than that I feel like I did alright.

Steph Balloqui / Project 5 / Deliver

I found this project really hard due to the lack of inspiration around me- Although font and typeface projects are usually always my weakest. I really had a hard time capturing what I was seeing.

DRIP- I used white-out to capture that texture of plaster
OOOOO- I used red paint and small dots of white-out to capture my wall with paint splatter on it
OOPS- I used hair dye and black paint