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Deliver – Project 5

I felt like this project shows interpretation and more creativity to find the letters made out of just random things that you can find. This project isn’t the best one that I have done, but I did learn a lot while trying to make something out of nothing. I feel like I could have done better with the creations of the backgrounds, but other than that I feel like I did alright.

Ecquase Onaghise



Caged Bird



Overall this project was amazing. It helped me understand you can make anything out of nothing but there’s always something there. It was great hunting for elements to use for typefaces i hope someone out there can use mines one day.

Steph Balloqui / Project 5 / Deliver

I found this project really hard due to the lack of inspiration around me- Although font and typeface projects are usually always my weakest. I really had a hard time capturing what I was seeing.

DRIP- I used white-out to capture that texture of plaster
OOOOO- I used red paint and small dots of white-out to capture my wall with paint splatter on it
OOPS- I used hair dye and black paint