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Deliver – Project 5

I felt like this project shows interpretation and more creativity to find the letters made out of just random things that you can find. This project isn’t the best one that I have done, but I did learn a lot while trying to make something out of nothing. I feel like I could have done better with the creations of the backgrounds, but other than that I feel like I did alright.

Museum Visit


Julie Mehretu – Myriads, Only By Dark, 2003

I am comparing to this Myraids, Only By Dark, because the feel that it gives off and the way the lines are obstructed to make the art pop and come out. With my work with the tree the lines very close giving that dark feeling and the same in the art above. Its almost like a uneasy feeling looking at both of the pieces.

Project 4



I feel like I didn’t so as well as on this project. I need a lot of practice on photoshop and need to keep going. I’m just glad that I did everything and that I learned a new skill. Like said before I need a lot of practice with this.